An interactive health knowledge platform.

The Team

Icon-developer 2 x Ruby on Rails developers

Icon-manager 1 x Product manager

Icon-qa 1 x QA engineer

Icon-designer 1 x SCRUM master

The Stack

Gaming-mining-minecraft-pick Ruby on Rails v 4

Business-finance-diamond-jewel-wealth-luxury Ruby v 2.3

E-commerce-pay-money-creditcard-card Stripe as payment processor

Weather-cloud PostgreSQL database system


34-layouts-interface-web-pattern Rspec as testing framework

Devices-data-server-admin Heroku as staging server

Interface-wrench-tools Git as version control system

Healthcare-analyze-heartbeat Newrelic for performance monitoring

The Process


The Story

Twealr is a new platform that enables Twealr members to ask mental health experts (counselors/therapists/coaches) any question online for free. Twealr members can also book an online phone or video consultations instantly at the touch of a button.

Twealr's mission is to be the best interactive health knowledge platform and online collaborative consulting platform.


The Proccess

We started with the first sprint of product management with deep communication with client to understand and catch the idea. Then we began with the design sprint where we created all interfaces (26 pages in total) using Invision and Sketch.

We made the interface as simple as possible to be more usable. We studied all Q/A websites like Quora, Stack Overflow, and others, and borrowed all the best of them.

The next four sprints were development sprints. One designer and three developers worked closely together for two months on Twealr.


"All who participated in this project deserves particular thanks. I also can not believe IT was built in only two months."

– Amit Shash