Lit Kit

The Team

Icon-developer 2 x Ruby on Rails developers

Icon-manager 1 x Product manager

Icon-qa 1 x QA engineer

Icon-designer 1 x SCRUM master

The Stack

Gaming-mining-minecraft-pick Ruby on Rails v 5

Business-finance-diamond-jewel-wealth-luxury Ruby v 2.3

E-commerce-pay-money-creditcard-card Stripe as payment processor

Weather-cloud PostgreSQL database system


34-layouts-interface-web-pattern Rspec as testing framework

Devices-data-server-admin Heroku as staging server

Interface-wrench-tools Git as version control system

Healthcare-analyze-heartbeat Newrelic for performance monitoring

The Process


The Story

An at-home version of the uber-popular Los Angeles-based workout, the LIT Kit is a do-anywhere session designed to deliver serious results over a six-week training program, no matter your fitness level. Through 12 instructional 30-minute videos—along with the brand’s signature resistance band, bootie band, foam roller, and lacrosse ball—the kit promises to provide consistent improvement without impacting joints.

The Proccess

Having a very strict deadline Rubydevs team worked hard to deliver this project. We implemented an online on-demand video platform using Wistia API.