Follow my Travel
The easiest way to exchange impressions from travelling

The Team

Icon-developer 4 x Ruby on Rails developers

Icon-manager 1 x Product manager

Icon-qa 1 x QA engineer

Icon-designer 1 x SCRUM master

The Stack

Gaming-mining-minecraft-pick Ruby on Rails v 3.2

Business-finance-diamond-jewel-wealth-luxury Ruby v 2.1

Web-seo-internet-link-social-users Devise as authentication solution

Weather-cloud MongoDB database system


34-layouts-interface-web-pattern Rspec as testing framework

Devices-data-server-admin Heroku as staging server

Interface-wrench-tools Git as version control system

Healthcare-analyze-heartbeat Newrelic for performance monitoring

The Process


The Story

Still didn’t hear about Follow My Travel service? It is a new platform that allows members to get best recommendations on places to eat, stay and go only from people that you trust. Follow My Travel members can also discover fresh and exciting people from all over the world. Follow My Travel mission is to invite your friends and build the network of people you trust!

The Proccess

In the beginning, it was crucial to understanding the idea, focus on it without missing even tiny details. Our team combined a minimalistic modern design with programming solutions so the user could enjoy the simplicity of app usage and could share the idea with a personal circle of trust. Our team was inspired to invent and implement a lot of web pages using Ruby on Rails, which is a very powerful toolkit for web applications. We used all of our experience and creativity to build this powerful and handy platform for successful and life loving people.

In This project we created an API, implemented Google Maps API, and did a lot of work integrating it into our application; also we used a broad range of Angular JS frameworks abilities. We’ve built our platforms front-end with the help of Twitter Bootstrap, Jquery, and Ajax. The great deal was also done with MongoDB databases.



The next 4 sprints were development sprints. 1 designer and 4 developers worked closely together for 1,5 months on Follow My Travel.


"I haven’t met people who were so passionate and enthusiastic about their work like Rubydevs team. They are inspired by every project and as well organized professionals they embodied our project in a short time. Each detail is important, every minute counts"

– Eteri Saneblidze