Pick up construction jobs with contractors directly

The Team

Icon-developer 2 x Ruby on Rails developers

Icon-manager 1 x Product manager

Icon-qa 1 x QA engineer

Icon-designer 1 x SCRUM master

The Stack

Gaming-mining-minecraft-pick Ruby on Rails v 3.2

Business-finance-diamond-jewel-wealth-luxury Ruby v 2.1

Web-seo-internet-link-social-users Devise as authentication solution

Weather-cloud MongoDB database system


34-layouts-interface-web-pattern Rspec as testing framework

Devices-data-server-admin Heroku as staging server

Interface-wrench-tools Git as version control system

Healthcare-analyze-heartbeat Newrelic for performance monitoring

The Process


The Story

We wanted to build an instrument for people which have nothing in common with complicated, heavy job search platforms. Consequently, we’ve received a very light and highly efficient product which became a powerful tool for a big amount of people who require it in their daily life.

On the whole, our instrument makes people's life easier and much more likely to visit than other alternatives.

The Proccess

Rubydevs team used a highly effective Agile methodology and well-organized product management. We were responsible for shaping the overall product look and interaction through wireframing, coming up with final design and choosing the backing technology.

Heavily based on Ruby on Rails, is easy to use and highly interactive tool which users praise for its simplicity. Confident use of Ruby on Rails and various JS frameworks made the project engine and backend work perfect. Also, we built a custom Bootstrap theme for rapid and responsive design.


One designer and two developers worked closely together for 2 months on ConX.


"This was like a blast of lightning, they saved our precious time, very dynamic application building and strong cooperation made site to be born as soon as it is possible. Application building with a serious attitude and mature treatment. I would reccommend LogicalGroove team to my closest friends, will definately cooperate in future."

– Annie Slattery