Frequently Asked Questions

Why so cheap?

We have found a solution to optimize the costs of development just like low-cost airlines. We do not save on product managers as this is crucial, but outsourcing the development team is a smart solution.

How is the quote estimation precise?

At first, we provide you with an estimate. This price is not final. You get the final price and terms of your project development after talking to your product manager.

How is the team matched to my project?

After we know all your product specifications, the system matches you with the developers that perform best for the tasks you need. This information is mainly based on their experience.

How can I talk to developers?

You can only speak to your developers through your product manager. This saves your time and the time of developers, as everybody does their job. The primary role of your project manager is to satisfy your needs of communication and product perfection.

What are the payment options and fees?

We call it a PAY-AS-YOU-GO system because you pay weekly and can stop anytime. We take credit cards only. Yes, it is safe. We have never had our customers leave before the release of the project, because the service is excellent and the price is reasonable. Plus, new customers get the first week FREE.

Why Ruby on Rails?

We have been working with this technology for more than ten years. It is smart, fast, and reliable. We have chosen one technology and selected the best developers in this area. We totally nailed it!

What if I I'm not satisfied with your service?

If you do not like our service or think it is not what you need, you can stop after any sprint demo (after any paid week). We have never had a customer leave before the release of the project because the service is excellent, and the price is reasonable.

Why is a Silicon Valley product manager better?

We believe communication is the key to your project's success. Product managers from Silicon Valley have relevant project experience; they know how to release the best products and have a high standard of work.

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